Piat: Our Lady of Piat Basilica

Photo Album: Piat, Cagayan: Our Lady of Piat Basilica

CAGAYAN - The basilica enshrines the 400 year old image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Piat. The people of Cagayan make a pilgrimage to visit the shrine of their patroness to pray for miracle or intercession, especially during challenging times. A friend from Cagayan remembered her college days when she would visit the church a day before a major exam.

Coincidentally, the Senate President, Juan Ponce Enrile, himself a native of Cagayan and a devotee of Our Lady of Piat, went to the basilica at the same time of my visit. That was two days prior the commencement of an impeachment trial where Senator Enrile would act as the preciding officer.

From this trip to Piat I learned about how deeply rooted the people of Cagayan are in Faith and how much devotion they have to Yena Tam Ngamin.

How to get there:

The Our Lady of Piat Basilica is located in the town of Piat, approximately 34 kilometers north-west of Tuguegarao City. From Tuguegarao City, take a tricycle (PHP10.00 per passenger) to the West Terminal along Buntun Highway. Take the van bound for Piat (PHP60.00 per passenger). Travel time is about 45 minutes. Some vans drive all the way to the church, some would stop at the terminal. Tricycles are available within the town (PHP10.00 per passenger).

How to get back:

The van terminal is just a 5 minute downhill walk away from the church. At the terminal, take the van bound for Tuguegarao City (PHP60.00 per passenger). Travel time is about 45 minutes.

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