Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crocodile Island of Santa Ana, Cagayan

Crocodile Island of Santa Ana, Cagayan

SANTA ANA, Cagayan - From afar, the island resembles a crocodile resting on top of a sandbar, thus the island is fondly called Crododile Island. Official called Manidad Island (or Rona Island), it is located between the main island of Luzon and the island of Palaui, about 2km from San Vicente Port.

Crocodile Island of Santa Ana, Cagayan

The small island features a white sand beach. Though the sand can be rough with sun bleached corals scattered around, the island is still a great place to swim and enjoy the sun. If you are lucky, you can be alone on the island if there's not much visitors.

The island is a mere 10-minute boat ride from San Vicente Port. It is usually one of the stops when you rent a pumpboat for island hopping. There is no entrance fee to the island, but all tourists are required to register to the tourism office at San Vicente Port and pay a fee of Php50.00.


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