Tuguegarao City: Tuguegarao Metropolitan Cathedral

CAGAYAN - The Tuguegarao Metropolitan Cathedral, officially known as Saints Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao.

How to get there:

Entrance to the cathedral is located right at the corner of Luna and Rizal Streets in Tuguegarao City. Anywhere within Tuguegarao City, take a tricycle (PHP10.00 per passenger) and tell the driver to bring you to the cathedral. The driver may pick up other passengers along the way. Always pay the exact amount.

How to get back:

Tricycles do pass infront of the cathedral. Take any tricycle and tell the driver your drop-off point. Regular fare within Tuguegarao City is PHP10.00 per passenger. Always pay the exact amount.

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  1. You really need to pay exact amount to the tuguegarao tricycle drivers because they will exploit you if do not know the minimum fare. it's actually 9 pesos only when i asked my friend who lives in there, don't try to give amount or denomination higher than the minimum fare if possible. Also, the tricycle drivers there in tuguegarao are thief, opportunistic and charge you big when they're done taking you to your destination without prior notice.Sorry to say but the tricycle drivers in tuguegarao, not all but most should be checked by the city government there, don't be the next victim of their modus in there. They totally make the image of Tuguegarao bad, I hope the if I would ever return in there again, it would not be like that anymore.

    1. Hi Mario, thanks for the comment. I am saddened to hear that the situation hasn't changed in Tuguegarao. We have also been victimized by these drivers during our first visit to Tuguegarao. We learned three lessons during our visit: (1) don't take the trikes at bus terminals/bus stops; (2) always pay the exact amount; & (3) for special trips, agree on a price first. For those flying in to Tuguegarao, approach the Tourism Desk at the airport and check the lates tricycle rates. I hope our comments will serve as a warning and as a guide to future visitors in Tuguegarao.