Calasiao: Calasiao Puto and Kutchinta

CALASIAO, Pangasinan - The town of Calasiao is also known for its puto, a bite-size cake made of rice. The people of Calasiao takes pride in their prime produce that a puto festival is celebrated every May 5.

Right across the Calasiao Church (Sts. Peter and Paul Church) are the Calasiao Puto Producers stalls where you can find different variations of the Calasiao puto, as well as other products of Calasiao and its neighboring municipalities. Most notable of the stalls is Bella's Calasiao Puto which offers puto in various flavors, including strawberry, ube, pandan, mango, just to name a few.

from left: puto kutchinta, ube-flavored puto with cheese, original plain white puto

We did try the fancy flavored puto variants, but for us, nothing could be better than the original Calasiao puto (plain white) and the puto kutchinta. A kilo of the Calasiao puto and puto kutchinta sells for Php100.00 while the flavored ones cost Php120.00 per kilo.

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How to get there

from Dagupan: along A.B. Fernandez Ave. or Perez Blvd., take a jeepney bound to Calasiao and tell the driver to drop you off at Calasiao Church (simbahan ng Calasiao). Across the church are the Calasiao Puto Producers stalls.
How to get back

to Dagupan: in front of the church, take a jeepney bound for Dagupan.

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