Calasiao: Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church

CALASIAO, Pangasinan - It was our last day in Pangasinan and as planned, we would make a quick visit to Dagupan's neighboring town of Calasiao. In front of our hotel in Dagupan, we boarded a jeepney with a Calasiao signage. First on the day's itinerary was Calasiao's Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church.

We usually schedule church visits on weekdays to avoid the "crowd" and capture postcard perfect photographs of the edifice. This time was different as we scheduled this visit on a Sunday when the faithful flocks to the church to hear mass.

The Pangasinan language is very much alive in Calasiao as the mass was said in the province's vernacular tongue. Though we did not understand a single word, we could still feel the solemnity of the celebration.

After the mass came the usual scenes: mothers buying flowers for their home altars and children holding a balloon on one hand and a bag of popcorn on the other.

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How to get there

from Dagupan: along A.B. Fernandez Ave. or Perez Blvd., take a jeepney bound to Calasiao and tell the driver to drop you off at Calasiao Church (simbahan ng Calasiao).
How to get back

to Dagupan: in front of the church, take a jeepney bound for Dagupan.

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