Carmelado of Milagros, Masbate

Carmelado of Masbate

Carmelado is a milk candy traditionally made of carabao's milk and sugar. It is Masbate's version of pastillas de leche, but are more solid. Until recently, this delicacy has been recognized as one of the OTOP or One Town, One Product of the province of Masbate, with majority of its producers based in the town of Milagros.

Carmelado is One Town One Product of Milagros Masbate

It's a childhood favorite among Masbateños, says Aurora Santiago-Cortez (Ate Auring), a local entrepreneur and producer of carmelado accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). We asked her why they use carabao milk when Masbate has thousands of cows. Ate Auring told us that carabao milk is thicker and richer in flavor. She added, we do mix carabao milk with a small portion of cow milk which we buy from Fazenda da Esperança, a self-sustaining rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug dependents located in Milagros. We were really inspired by how Ate Auring, with her small household business, found a way to sustain her family's livelihood and contribute to the society.

Auring's Special Carmelado of Masbate

Ate Auring has OTOP stalls located at Masbate Airport parking area and at the Masbate Seaport. Each pack contains 24 pieces of carmelado candies and sells for PHP100.00 per pack. Ate Auring also accepts orders from outside Masbate. You can contact Ate Auring for details on shipping.

Ate Auring and her OTOP Cariton at Masbate Airport

Auring's Special Carmelado
PD Road, Bacolod, Milagros, Masbate
Contact Nos.: 09266454157 / 09184696416

One Town, One Product (OTOP) is a program of the Philippine Government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to encourage entrepreneurship aimed at providing livelihood and employment to Filipinos. It showcases products made of indigenous raw materials crafted by local workers, craftsmen and artists. The OTOP is also a key instrument in promoting tourism in the country. We at Pinas Muna advocate the OTOP program and through our blog, we aim to introduce you to the many Filipino-made products and urge you to support Filipino businesses.