Sun-Dried Beef Tapa of Masbate City

Dubbed as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines, Masbate is the major livestock breeding center of the country producing top quality cattle. Beef from Masbate is said to be the tastiest in the country because cattle in the province is fed only with grass. In addition, Masbatenos take pride in their beef products that are certified free from Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD).

It is no surprise that Mr. Mariano Natural (Kuya Nomer), a local entrepreneur, started a processed beef production business banking on the popularity of the quality of Masbate's cattle. The product was developed through the assistance of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and his Nomer's Beef Tapa product was later on recognized as the OTOP or One Town, One Product of Masbate City.

Aside from its excellent taste, what's equally amazing about this tapa is that it only takes 2-5 seconds to cook. The process starts with marinading the meat for 24 hours. The following day, they are set to dry under the sun the whole day. They are then cut into strips and are packed in vacuum-sealed plastic packaging.

Here are the steps for cooking Nomer's Beef Tapa:

Nomer's Beef Dried Tapa is OTOP or One Town, One Product of Masbate City
Step 1: remove the package from the freezer and let it thaw in room temperature

Step 2: heat cooking oil in frying pan

Step 3: fry the beef tapa for 2-5 seconds or until all are coated with oil

Nomer's Beef Dried Tapa is a sun-dried tapa from Masbate City
Step 4: serve and enjoy

Another way to cook this tapa is to mix the tapa cuts as an ingredient to fried rice. Start by sauteing garlic in oil, then add the steamed rice. Add seasoning. Add the tapa cuts and continue cooking for 2-3 minutes over low fire.

Kuya Nomer has a stall located at the Masbate Airport parking area. Each 125g-pack is sold at PHP100.00. Since they are vacuum-sealed, the airlines allow these to be place inside carry-on luggages. Keep the beef tapa frozen to extend its shelf life.

Kuya Nomer can also ship outside Masbate. Each 125g-pack costs PHP125.00 which already includes shipping. A 50% downpayment is required prior to the delivery, with the remaining balance payable upon receipt of the delivery. Contact Kuya Nomer for more details.

Nomer's Beef Tapa
Masbate Meat Processing
Cagba, Masbate City
Contact Numbers: 0919-5195813 / 0919-8525443

One Town, One Product (OTOP) is a program of the Philippine Government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to encourage entrepreneurship aimed at providing livelihood and employment to Filipinos. It showcases products made of indigenous raw materials crafted by local workers, craftsmen and artists. The OTOP is also a key instrument in promoting tourism in the country. We at Pinas Muna advocate the OTOP program and through our blog, we aim to introduce you to the many Filipino-made products and urge you to support Filipino businesses.


  1. whoooaaa ang sarap nito!BEEEF TAPA!!!

    1. Shuga, dapat mong ma try yung tapa sa Masbate! Siguro same quality ng sa Bukidnon, not sure kasi di pa namin na try ang tapa sa Bukidnon :-)

  2. I wanna try it. I texted the number shown but no reply. I hope they are still in the business at present.