Bangus Festival 2013 | Schedule of Activities

Bangus Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

This April 2013, spotlights will once again be on Dagupan City as it celebrates the annual Bangus Festival. Various activities are organized during the last week of April that will surely entertain both the city folks and tourists. During the festival, don't forget to sample Dagupan's famous bangus said to be the tastiest in the world.

Highlights are the Bangus ed Carosa, a float parade to formally open the festival; the Gilon Gilon ed Dalan, a streetdance competition participated by Dagupan's various barangays; and the Kalutan ed Dalan, a bangus grilling party set along the whole stretch of AB Fernandez Avenue. Here is the schedule of activities and highlights of this year's Bangus Festival:

Bangus Festival 2013 | Schedule of Activities
Dagupan City

April 22
Bangus ed Carosa Float Parade
Grand Fireworks Display (City Plaza)

April 22-May 1
Dagupan's Best Trade Fair (in front of City Plaza)

April 23
101 Ways to Cook Seafood (Dagupan City People’s Astrodome, 8:00am)
Bangus Rodeo (Malimgas Market, 8:00am)
Bikini Open (City Plaza, 8:00pm)

April 23-27
Pigar-Pigar Festival (Galvan Street, 5:00pm)

April 24
Little Miss Dagupan 2013 Pageant Night (City Plaza, 8:00pm)

April 25
D’ BSL Lechon Festival (City Plaza, 8:00am)

April 26
Drum and Lyre Competition (City Plaza, 7:00am)

April 27
Thanksgiving Mass (Pantal River, 7:00am)

April 27-29
Dragon Boat Competition (Pantal River)

April 29
Gilon Gilon ed Dalan - Street Dance Competition (Downtown area, 3:00pm)

April 30
Kalutan ed Dalan - Street Grilling Party (AB Fernandez Avenue, 3:00pm)
Grand Fireworks Display (Downtown area)

May 1
Miss Gay na Dayat 2013 (Tondaligan Beach, 8:00pm)

May 3
Kick-Boxing Tournament (Robinson's Place)

grilled milkfish or inihaw na bangus served by Matutina's Restaurant in Dagupan City Pangasinan

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