Hill Station in Baguio City

Hill Station in Baguio City

Hill Station is an award-winning restaurant in Baguio City located along Upper Session Road, Luneta Hill (near SM City Baguio). The restaurant features cuisines from around the world, from Asia to Africa, from Europe to America. Last October, participants of the Baguio Food Tour 2013 blogger event were invited by Hill Station to sample some of their best-selling dishes. Here's what we had for lunch:

Hill Station Baguio - Caesar Salad with Shredded Duck Confit
Caesar Salad with Shredded Duck Confit

Caesar Salad with Shredded Duck Confit (P260) is basically romaine lettuce mixed with Hill Station's Caesar salad dressing. But instead of using the usual bacon bits and croutons as topping, Hill Station used shredded duck confit, giving the salad a French touch. The saltiness of the duck confit mimics the flavor of the bacon, but for some, the confit may be a bit tough to munch on. Nonetheless, it was a great starter. The lettuce are very fresh! The serving size is good for two to three persons.

Hill Station Baguio - Crispy Duck Flakes
Crispy Duck Flakes

Crispy Duck Flakes (P380). It starts with the duck meat that has been simmered for hours, flaked/shredded and then fried to crispy perfection. It is then served with brown rice and laing sa gata. This is definitely a Pinoy dish. We are not sure about the origin of the technique used to prepare the duck, but we associate this with crispy adobo flakes. We find the combination with the Laing sa Gata a bit off. Maybe it is best served on top of a noodle dish than brown rice.

Hill Station Baguio - Lamb Tagine with Honeyed Prunes
Lamb Tagine with Honeyed Prunes

Lamb Tagine with Honeyed Prunes (P460). Tagines are a typical Moroccan dish of meat and vegetables slow-cooked with spices into flavorful stews. Hill Station's Lamb Tagine is very tender and savory. The sweet, sour and spicy flavors are well balanced. In keeping with the culinary tradition of Morocco, Hill Station serves their tagines with steamed couscous and flatbread. It was our first time to eat Moroccan food and we loved it. It is quite expensive at P460 per serving, but the experience is worth the price. With its price, it is not a dish you would order every time you would dine at Hill Station, but it is a must-try! Each serving is good for two to three persons (if combined with other dishes) but may be good enough as a complete meal for one person.

Hill Station Baguio - Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs
Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs

Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs (P395). The dish was highly recommended by our blogger-friend of Eats in Baguio. The ribs are first slow-roasted to achieve a tender texture, and are then charbroiled to give it a crunchy exterior. Instead of using barbecue dressing, Hill Station used a combination of spices typical of Moroccan cooking. We could taste cumin and turmeric in there. It is served with rice and a side or pickled cucumber. We loved this dish and would order this on our next visit. Highly recommended!

Hill Station Baguio - Ice Cream Palette
Ice Cream Palette (5 Flavors)

Ice Cream Palette (P180). For dessert, Hill Station had us sample five of their ice cream flavors: Benguet Coffee with Choco Chips, Mango Rum, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate topped with Cayenne, and Vanilla Cinnamon. They were served on a dish that resembles a palette, thus the name Ice Cream Palette.

Hill Station Baguio - Lemon Squares
Lemon Squares

Lemon Squares. We were about to leave the restaurant when another plate of dessert arrived, lemon squares. The zesty lemon flavor is just right to mask all the spices and flavors from that day's lunch. They would have been better paired with coffee but we were already too full.

Overall, Hill Station is a great place to sample international cuisine set in an American colonial log cabin. It's really a very unique dining experience in Baguio City every tourist should never miss.

Hill Station at Casa Vallejo
Upper Session Road, Luneta Hill
Baguio City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00am to 11:00pm
Telephone: (074) 424 2734
Email: info@hillstationbaguio.com
Website: www.hillstationbaguio.com
Instagram: @hillstationbaguio

Hill Station is a partner restaurant of the Baguio Food Tour 2013 (BFT2013) blogger event aimed at promoting the City of Pines as a food trip destination. Thank you very much for having us at your restaurant.

How to get to Baguio City

Victory Liner serves 24/7 hourly trips to Baguio City from Cubao and Pasay. Travel time is 6-7 hours (for regular aircon buses) or 4-5 hours (for first class buses). For inquiries, follow them on Twitter @victorylinerinc. Victory Liner is the official transport sponsor of Baguio Food Tour 2013.

image source: www.victoryliner.com

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