Zola Resto Cafe @ Session Road, Baguio City

Zola Baguio

Zola Resto / Cafe is an all-day dining restaurant located along Session Road in Baguio City. It serves both Filipino and international dishes and caters to both local residents and tourists.

Zola Resto Baguio

Zola is known for its modern interiors with a casual yet trendy ambiance. It is a favorite hangout place by young professionals and college students who want to enjoy the latest top hit music over great food and with the company of good friends.

Zola Baguio New Menu
Zola's New Menu (as of November 2013)

Zola is our usual go-to place at night when we want to enjoy a bottle or two of ice cold beer. But more than just a drinking place, Zola do serve delicious meals and snacks. Just recently, Zola launched it new menu which includes new culinary creations by Zola's executive chef. Last October, we were invited by Zola to sample some of the dishes in their upcoming new menu.  

Zola Baguio Menu
Zola Menu: Breakfast | On the Side | Soup & Salad | Desserts | Pizza & Pasta | Appetizers | Ala Carte | Sizzling Plates | Sandwiches | Beverages

Here are some of the new dishes that will be available inn Zola starting November 2013:

American Pancake with Bacon & Egg (P135.00) - This is one of the new breakfast items on the menu. Layers of pancakes are served with strips of bacon and fried eggs.

American Pancake with Bacon & Egg
American Pancake with Bacon & Egg

Blueberry French Toast (P130.00) - Another breakfast meal with French toasts drizzled with blueberry jam and served with strips of bacon.

Blueberry French Toast
Blueberry French Toast

Pinoy Big Breakfast (P135.00) - The ultimate pinoy breakfast served with garlic rice, daing na bangus, tapa, tocino and sunny-side up egg. It's good for sharing, just order extra garlic rice (P20.00).

Pinoy Big Breakfast
Pinoy Big Breakfast

Brewed Coffee with 1 Free Refill (P55.00) - Zola's breakfast meals are best paired with thier brewed coffee. With one free refill, it's a great value for only 55 pesos.

Brewed Coffee with 1 Free Refill

Taal Rice (P99.00) - This is a very versatile meal consisting of a hefty serving of garlic-tinapa fried rice, slices of salted eggs, tomatoes and onions. I personally prefer this as a breakfast meal but wouldn't mind having this for lunch or dinner. It is also very affordable at 99 pesos.

Taal Rice
Taal Rice

Baby Back Ribs (P199.00) - Unlike most baby pack ribs, this one is packed with meat that are perfectly tender. It's perfect with ice cold beer. With its generous serving, this one is also a great value at 199 pesos. I personally prefer this with mashed potatoes which Zola doesn't have on its menu. Nonetheless, their baby back ribs deserves two thumbs up.

Baby Back Ribs

Buffalo Chicken Pizza (P115.00 for 6" up to P495.00 for 16") - The flavor of the buffalo chicken is not to overpowering and perfectly blends with the pizza sauce. I also loved its combination with melted cheese. A little bit of tabasco and this pizza will surely be a big hit to your barkada.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chef's Special Sandwich (P115.00) - It's a great combination of chicken fillet and bacons in a sandwich. The potato wedges also went well with the sandwich. Equally filling, this sandwich is a good alternative to rice meals. I prefer it with a cold glass of iced tea or fruit juice.

Chef's Special

Chunky Chili Chicken (P125.00) - Cuts of chicken breast cooked in a special spicy sauce. It tasted somewhere between a curry with peanut sauce and a spicy Mexican salsa. In either case, I also loved this dish. It is served with plain rice and a side of salad.

Chunky Chili Chicken

Cream Dorry with Ratatouille (P99.00) - An affordable gourmet fish dish of cream dorry fillet and topped with ratatouille. I love the combination of the tender fish meat and the crunchy zucchini. The ratatouille was very flavorful it was already good as itself without the fish. I can order an extra serving of rice with this meal, it was that good.

Cream Dorry with Ratatouille

Cookies & Cream (P88.00) - It's a dessert made of layers of chocolate cookies and cream, served frozen and topped with flakes of chocolate and an Oreo cookie. I like it because it wasn't too sweet. I'd love to pair it with hot chocolate.

Cookies & Cream

Mango Tango (P88.00) - Another dessert made of layers of cookies (grahams) and cream, served frozen and topped with slices of mango and drizzled with chocolate. The sweet chocolate drizzles are balanced by the light sourness of the mangoes. This is a great dessert following a very flavorful meal.

Mango Tango

Among all the dishes we sample, my top three choices are the Taal Rice (for breakfast), Cream Dorry with Ratatouille (for lunch) and Baby Back Ribs (for dinner). For dessert, my top choice is the Mango Tango. So there you have our preview of Zola's latest food offerings. On your next visit to Baguio, do visit Zola for an awesome dining experience and let us know which ones are your favorite.

Zola Resto / Cafe
Patria De Baguio Building, Session Road, Baguio City
Telephone: (074) 446-5610
Store Hours: 24/7

Zola is a partner restaurant of the Baguio Food Tour 2013 (BFT2013) blogger event aimed at promoting the City of Pines as a food trip destination. Thank you very much for having us at your restaurant.

How to get to Baguio City

Victory Liner serves 24/7 hourly trips to Baguio City from Cubao and Pasay. Travel time is 6-7 hours (for regular aircon buses) or 4-5 hours (for first class buses). For inquiries, follow them on Twitter @victorylinerinc. Victory Liner is the official transport sponsor of Baguio Food Tour 2013.

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