Charlie's Grind & Grill in Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Charlie's Grind & Grill is a fast casual restaurant located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City that serves American-style gourmet burgers made with fresh, high quality, imported beef. Set in a rustic space beside a carwash, Charlie's offers a taste of luxury through their burgers at relatively affordable prices.

Charlie's Grind & Grill is not a casual dining restaurant so don't expect full table service here. It's not a fast food restaurant either so don't start following-up for your order after a minute. What you can expect however is the high quality of the food they serve, with great focus on the freshness and high grade of their meat ingredients. So how do things go Charlie's?

First, you place your order at the counter service. Then that's the only time your food will be prepared. Burger patties are freshly hand-made, and then grilled. Nothing is ready-made here. Lastly, you wait for your food. You can either watch the action at the open kitchen, or proceed to the dining area where your food will be served. Here's are some of their best-sellers:

Dirty Fries

Dirty Fries (P195.00) are made with fresh Igorota Idaho potatoes seasoned with rock salt and ground black pepper. They are then drizzled with blue cheese dressing and topped with bacon bits, diced tomatoes, green onions and grilled chicken liver. The fries tasted really fresh, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. The blue cheese dressing tasted perfect, not too strong and overpowering, just the right flavor. The bacon bits add more flavor and texture to the fries, while the grilled chicken liver gives boldness in the taste.

Chick N' Charlie

Next to arrive was the Chick N' Charlie (P210.00), one of the newest items on their menu. It's really just a simple chicken sandwich topped with cheese and veggies. But what makes this extra-ordinary is the flavor of the chicken! It's coated in a crispy crust while the meat inside is very tender. No need for extra dressing, this is good as it is!

Black Angus Cheeseburger

We held our breath and closed our eyes before we took a bite of this burger. It's a moment we wanted to remember, our first bite on a Black Angus Cheeseburger (P200.00). The meat was perfectly ground, the patty had a super fine texture. It was very juicy and full of flavor. For its price, it's oh so totally worth it! I wouldn't exchange this with five cheap fast food burgers! You can also customize this burger by adding bacon, extra patty, premium mushrooms, or Gorgonzola cheese. The most expensive one, the Double Black Angus Burger with Shrooms costs P545.00.

Wagyu Cheeseburger
When you hear Wagyu, the first thing that comes to mind is, expensive. Yes, Wagyu is expensive, but it is expensive for a reason. The special way of raising the cattle results to higher grade of beef containing more fat in between the muscle fibers. Compared to other types of beef, Wagyu beef is more tender, flavorful and juicier  The Wagyu Cheeseburger (P210.00) has a richer flavor while the texture is more compact and chewy compared to the black Angus beef, but is equally tender and juicy. You can also customize this burger with bacon, extra patty, premium mushrooms and Gorgonzola cheese.

Wagyu Cheese Steak

The Wagyu Cheese Steak (P295.00) is made of thinly-sliced pieces of Wagyu steak mixed with sauteed onion and peppers, topped with cheese dressing and served with smokey ranchero sauce and a side of jalapeno.

Hot Buffalo Wings

For the finale, a dozen of Hot Buffalo Wings (P465.00) was served on our table. They say that a visit to Charlie's is not complete without having their famous wings. And true enough, the wings are really delicious! Too bad we were already full when they were served, we only got to eat one piece. We will surely be back to feast on these wings. You can have the wings at half-dozen serving (P265.00) with choices of flavor: sweet, hot or nuclear.

Overall, we enjoyed having lunch here at Charlie's Grind & Grill and it is undoubtedly the best burger place on this side of Metro Manila. In addition to their Kapitolyo branch, they also have a branch at the Ronac Center in San Juan City, and soon they are opening their third branch in Aguirre Street, Makati City. Check out their menu below:

Charlie's Grind & Grill Menu (Page 1)

Charlie's Grind & Grill Menu (Page 2)

Charlie's Grind & Grill
16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact: (02) 501-0137 / 09234964747
Twitter: @charlies_grill
Instagram: @charliesgrindandgrill

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