Off The Grid (OTG) at the McKinley Hill, Taguig City

Off The Grid (OTG) is a new fast casual restaurant at the McKinley Hill, Taguig City, an addition to the growing number or restaurants by the Distillery Group of Chef Carlo Miguel. The idea is to bring a gourmet food truck experience inside a dine-in restaurant. Eating at OTG is virtually like eating at a food truck with all the comfort of a restaurant.

When you step in to OTG, the first thing you will notice is the colorful food truck "parked" inside the restaurant. Upon closer inspection, you will realize that only half a truck is there, mounted on the wall and the behind the windows is the kitchen. Tables and chaire are then set up in front of a truck, which simulates a food truck experience for the customers.

What's remarkable about OTG is that they offer high quality dishes, will all the fancy food presentation, but they are able to keep their prices reasonably affordable, the way street food should be. OTG is a welcome addition to the restaurants in McKinley Hill that caters to customers, mostly BPO employees, who want to get value from their hard earned money.

OTG's Munchie Meals are perhaps the best deal you can have from your P199.00. Eating in fastfood restaurants is no longer economical unlike before. You can easilly shell out P150.00 for a "pwede na" burger or fried chicken meal. At OTG, your P199.00 can already get you a gourmet meal served with your choice of good quality fries or onion rings, and a huge glass of soda. That's what I call sulit!

I work at McKinley Hill, my office is actually next to the Venice Piazza Mall. So for one week, I decided to go on an OTG food trip and try all of their Munchie Meals. I ranked them 1-6 (1 as highest) based on taste and "busog-factor".

Top 6: Bap-o-Rito

At the bottom of my list is the Bap-o-Rito which is a quesadilla filled with U.S. Angus Beef Belly in OTG's bulgogi sauce. Flavor-wise, I like its sweet savory taste but what turned me off is the amount of oil dripping down my hands when I was eating it. It's simply too oily. I didn't finish it as I was worried that my BP might shoot up.

Top 5: Fish Tacombi

The Fish Tacombi is a soft taco dish filled with Panko-crumbed white fish fillet, tomato salsa, cabbage relish, sesame dressing and Japanese mayo. Probably a Mexican-Japanese fusion. I like the combination of the white fish fillet and the Japanese mayo. The sesame dressing also adds an Asian touch to the dish. The cabbage relish and the tomato salsa however did not quite match the Japanese flavors, at least for my taste. I give it a high busog-factor but this dish goes to the lower half of my list.

Top 4: Chili Dog

I love Chili Dog! Yummy Frankfurter in a bun topped with Homemade US Angus Beef and bean chili, salsa and cheddar cheese sauce. How can you get wrong right? Yes this is a safe choice, but it lacks creativity. It's yummy, but boring and predictable. Still a good eat though, but it goes to the lower half of my list.

Top 3: Juan dela Cruz

Yey, we're now on our top three, starting off with Juan dela Cruz. It's a creative way of serving the all time Filipino favorite sisig. It's Sisig in a Burrito. Simple but totally creative. I love sisig and I am quite picky when it comes to how it was prepared. I am not attracted to sisig that is oily, and I also don't enjoy it when it's too dry. OTG got it the way I want it, not oily and not too dry. It is also served with a fried egg inside it. Next time, I want to try it with the egg "malasado."

Top 2: Taiwanese Chicken

This Taiwanese Chicken rice bowl meal has become my comfort food. I think I had this for dinner more than a handful of time already. I like the contrast of the ultra crispy chicken skin and the tender chicken meat. It has a light black peppery and salty flavor that is enhanced by the sweet and savory dark sauce served on the side. The chicken in placed on top of a bowl of steamed rice. Great flavor and great serving size!

Top 1: Macho Nacho

The Macho Nacho is definitely the bomb! It a combination of two of my favorite comfort foods in the world. Burger and Nachos is a match made in food heaven. And no other word can describe its taste than heavenly. The thick 1/3 lb US Angus nacho-spiced beef patty is topped with tomato salsa, jalapenos, crispy fried corn tortillas and cheddar sauce, and served in a toasted milk bun. It's a perfect marriage of flavors and contrast of textures. Paired with French fries and ice cold soda, the Macho Nacho deserves the top spot on my list.

Off The Grid Menu

This review serves as a preview of what you an expect at Off The Grid. There are so many more items on the menu that I wish to try such as the Kimchi and Spam Burrito, the Couch Potato and the Uncle Sam burgers, and the Carnitas Quesadilla.

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Off The Grid (OTG)
Ground Floor, Venice Piazza Mall
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Opening Hours: Monday-Frday 7:00am-12:00mn; Saturday-Sunday 12:00nn-12:00mn
Contact Number: 0917-815-4615
Instagram: @OTGManila


  1. I love their Macho Nacho! And the Kimchi and Spam Burrito!

    By the way, I'm work in McKinley too. And a blogger too. Food trip tayo minsan dito! Hehe :)

    1. Hi Patrick! Sige try ko minsan yang Kimchi and Spam Burrito. Tara let's blog every single resto here in McKinley Hill :-)

    2. Actually tinry ko nga yung Juan dela Cruz dahil sa blog post mo, at ang sarap sarap nga nya. I normally don't like sisig pero yun swabe. Haha. Sige, the more the merrier! :)