Abra Miki now available in Metro Manila

Abra Miki

Abra Miki is a Filipino noodle soup dish made of miki noodles cooked in a rich pork broth. Its orange color comes from annatto seeds (atsuete). To make it more special and flavorful, a hard boiled egg, shredded pork and bits of chicharon are added to the soup. In contrast to the Ilocos Miki, Abra Miki's broth is not as thick as that of Ilocos Miki. Abra Miki's broth is also richer in flavor.

Abra Miki

There are a number of mikihan in Abra's capital town of Bangued, specifically in the food court area near the town plaza. With each mikihan claiming to serve the best miki in town, Abra Miki is indeed the favorite meryenda of Abreños. To demonstrate how much Abrenos love their miki, the Miki Festival was created in 2011 to showacase their favorite soup dish. The annual festival runs from February 19-27. If you will have the chance to visit Bangued, don't forget to try out this dish in one of the town's mikihan.

Mikihan in Bangued (photo courtesy of Roosevelt Caday)

Luckily for us in Metro Manila, we don't need to travel all the way to Abra just to have a taste of the authentic Abra Miki. Located along K-J Street in Kamias, Quezon City is Abra Miki ni Nanay, the only mikihan in Metro Manila serving authentic Abra Miki.

Abra Miki ni Nanay
Abra Miki ni Nanay in Quezon City

Abra Miki ni Nanay opened in April of this year, and barely two months in operation, it has already caught the attention of many customers. Their Abreno customers give their two thumbs up to their Abra Miki. It's like eating miki back home in Abra, they say.

Abra Miki ni Nanay sells three types of Abra Miki, but the difference is mainly on the serving size and the toppings included in the dish. Their best seller is the Super Special Miki (P50.00) which includes all three toppings: shredded pork, chicharon bits and egg. To ensure the authentic taste of their Abra Miki, majority of their ingredients, including the noodles, are sourced straight from Abra.

Abra Miki is traditionally partnered with Pan de Limon (P12.00). Abra Masa Podria (P20.00) is another Abra delicacy sold at Abra Miki ni Nanay. These baked cookies are made in Abra and shipped daily to Manila.

Abra Miki in Manila

According to the owners (whose family hails from Bangued), they want to focus on Abra Miki for now so it might take some time before they introduce another Abra dish. For now, they want to be known for their Abra Miki.

Trivia: Filipino celebrity and talk show host Boy Abunda is a part owner of Abra Miki ni Nanay.

How to get to Abra Miki ni Nanay

From EDSA, turn to Kamias Road. At the intersection of Kamias Road and Kalayaan Avenue, turn right into K-J Street. Abra Miki  ni Nanay is on the left side of the road right after K-6th Street. They are open from the afternoon until after midnight.

Abra Miki ni Nanay
No. 28 K-J Street, Kamias, Quezon City
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 2:00am
Contact Number: 0915-5316970


  1. Great taste! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Abrenian in ManilaJune 24, 2014 at 11:24 PM

    Tried their Abra Miki this evening. Grabe it's just like eating miki sa Bangued. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'll go there later today after work..HAHA. my workmate didnt go to work today because she's looking for this. :)

  4. Malapit lang pala samin :) Makapunta nga. ^_^