NEW Restaurant at McKinley Hill: Zark's Burgers

Zark's Burgers Venice Piazza McKinley Hill

Zark's Burgers, a burger join in Metro Manila, has successfully opened its fifth branch located at the ground floor of the Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. It is currently the only branch that operates 24hours except on Sundays when it closes at 9:00pm.

Zark's Burgers Venice Piazza McKinley Hill
Zark's Burgers McKinley Hill First Day Opening

Employees working in the offices inside McKinley Hill, as well as students from Enderun Colleges lined up on Zark's Burgers' grand opening yesterday, August 18, to have a taste of their famous burgers. Zark's Burgers promised that their burgers are fresh, huge and great, three words that are difficult to resist.

Zark's Burgers Venice Piazza McKinley Hill
Breakfast Burger

There are about 20+ burgers to choose from, which are divided into two group. The Minor League consists of 16 variations of burger, all of which have a quarter-pound burger patty. The Major League on the other hand has 13 variations, most of which has a half-pound burger patty, while some has two, three or even four layers of half-pound patties!

It was my first meal of the day so I chose the Breakfast Burger (P210.00) from the Major League group. It has a half-pound burger patty with layers of bacon (about 4 or more, I think) and a sunny side up egg on top. It is then served with fries and a glass of iced tea. It's fresh, yes because the burgers are cooked as per order. It's really huge, yes I was only able to eat the patty, the bacon, the egg and took some bite of the bun and I really felt full until the end of my 9 hour shift at work. It's great, so far yes, I liked the overall taste of the burger, not too salty for my taste. The patty was cooked just right, perfectly moist, not too dry and not too juicy.

Zark's Burgers Venice Piazza McKinley Hill

Before I went home after work, I also ordered a Submission Burger and El Loko Baka for take-out. Both are from the Minor League burger section. Of the two, I liked the El Loko Baka more. So three down, 26 more burgers to go, not counting the Hotdogs and Sandwiches, as well as the Rice Meals and Nachos!

We will update this post with more photos of burgers and what we think of them. We'll also request a good copy of their menu for you guys, so bookmark this post and watch for more updates. That's it for now.

Zark's Burgers
G/F The Venice Piazza Mall
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifactio, Taguig City
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 24 hours; Sundays closes at 9:00pm
Twitter/Instagram: @zarksburgers

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