Where to Eat in Davao this Kadayawan Weekend (2016)

You finally made it to Davao City for Kadayawan Festival. If this is your first time to experience the biggest festival in Mindanao, we are sure that you are so much excited to witness all the festivities happening in the city, especially the colorful street dance and float parade. Another way of experiencing Kadayawan is be exploring the culinary offerings of Davao City. Here are some of the restaurants that we recommend for your Kadayawan weekend stay in Davao City. [Updated: August 19, 2016]

August 20 (Saturday)

Breakfast Buffet at Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Good morning, we know you are up early to prepare for the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan which will start at 7:00am. If you are staying in a hotel, your accommodation would most likely include breakfast. If you are staying at Park Inn by Radisson Davao, it already includes buffet breakfast for two persons. Breakfast starts at 6:00am, so there's enough time for you to have breakfast. Park Inn Davao serves one of the best buffet breakfasts in Davao City so we are sure that you will have a great morning ahead of you.

Breakfast Buffet | Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Lunch at Penong's

After a tiring but fun morning watching the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, you are now ready to have lunch. Reward yourself with a the best chicken barbecue in Davao City. Penong's serves a variety grilled dishes but they are most popular for their Chicken Barbecue which has a smokey sweet taste and is served with unlimited rice! Penong's has several branches in Davao City.

Chicken Barbecue with Unlimited Rice | Penong's

Dinner at Lachi's

Come dinnertime, head over to Lachi's which is one of voted best restaurants in Davao City both by Davaeonos and by visitors as well. Lachi's is primarily a desserts place famous for their sans rival, but their menu has already expanded to include sandwiches, pastas and an extensive selection of main dishes. My top favorites are the Laing Pasta and The Ultimate Caldereta. We suggest that you make prior reservation by calling (082) 224 5552. They are open until 8:00pm only.

Laing Pasta with Lechon Kawali | Lachi's

August 21 (Sunday)

Breakfast at Bangkerohan Market

The Pamulak Floral Float Parade will start at 7:00am so make sure you get up early for breakfast. We suggest a quick breakfast at Bangkerohan Market which is near the venue of the parade. We highly recommend puto maya, a type of rice cake, and cup of freshly made sikwate, a local cocoa-based drink.

Puto Maya & Sikwate | Bangkerohan Public Market

Lunch at Marco Polo Davao | 11 Tribes Mindanaoan Buffet

Don't leave Davao without trying some of the local dishes from the region. This Kadayawan Festival, Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Davao highlights dishes from the 11 Mindanaoan tribes that comprise the people of Davao. The buffet is at P1,300 nett per person. For reservations, you can email davao@marcopolohotels.com or call their hotline at (082) 221-0888.

11 Tibes Mindanaoan Buffet | Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Davao

Dinner at Bistro Selera at SM Lanang Premier

It's your last night in Davao and there's no better way to end your Kadayawan weekend than to feast on classic Filipino dishes infused with the unique flavors of Davao. Bistro Selera created some of the most innovative Davao dishes such as the Bagaybay wrapped in Bacon, Seafood Durian Curry and Mangosteen Ice Cream.

Seafood Durian Curry | Bistro Selera


Night Cap at Dayaw Coffee

Before you head back to the hotel, why not have Durian Coffee with your friends at Dayaw Coffee located on the second floor of SM Lanang's Fountain Court. It's a great way to catch up with friends, ask them how their Kadayawan experience has been. By now, you must have discovered that Kadayawan is one of the Philippine festivals that you have enjoyed the most, and you might be planning your next visit to Davao after realizing that a weekend is not enough to experience this city.

Ice Blended Durian Coffe & Brazo de Durian | Dayaw Coffee

So there you go. We hope that you had a great dining experience in Davao as much as we did. There's really a lot more to what we have listed here. Two days isn't really enough to have a taste of everything that Davao has to offer. Until our next food trip in Davao!


  1. hi can I ask? what if I didn't checked in at Park inn is it still possible to avail their breakfast buffet by just paying?

  2. Hi, Thanks for visiting our blog. Yes, you can definitely avail of Park Inn Davao's Buffet Breakfast even if you are not a checked in guest. The buffet costs P550.00 nett as of today, November 10, 2014. Enjoy your breakfast at Park Inn Davao :-)