Street Chef Resto Bar in Mandaluyong City

Street Chef Resto Bar is a casual dining restaurant in Mandaluyong City specializing in traditional Filipino cuisine and street food. The covered open air restaurant features high quality Filipino made furniture while the walls are decorated with street art. At daytime, Street Chef Resto Bar caters to families and office workers looking for affordable yet great tasting Filipino food. At night, it transforms into a resto bar where guests can enjoy their drinks with their favorite Filipino comfort and street food over live chill music and entertainment.

Street Chef serves breakfast and usually caters to office workers from Mandaluyong City Hall and nearby offices in the area. At lunchtime, families in the area would take out dishes for lunch with a few dine-in restaurants from nearby establishments. At night, Street Chef serves dinner and afterdinner drinks.

Together with our fellow Pasig City Bloggers, we visited Street Chef Resto Bar to sample some of their specialties and bestsellers. Joining us for dinner are the managers of the restaurant. Here are some of the dishes served that night:

Adobong Adidas

One of their best-selling pulutan is the Adobong Adidas (P85.00). One serving is good for 3-4 persons, quite a good deal for its price. The chicken feet are cooked in a sweet-chili adobo sauce making it an ideal finger food paired with ice cold beer. It is also a good choice for an appetizer.

Street Pinakbet 160

The Street Pinakbet (P160.00) is the restaurant's version of the classic Tagalog pinakbet. The vegetables are not overcooked and are chewy to the bite. The bagoong-based sauce was savory, not too salty and has a little sweet aftertaste. What makes this dish a winner are the chunks of lechon kawali used as a topping!

Dinuguan sa Kawali

The Dinuguan sa Kawali is one of their best-selling dishes. What made it crispy was the addition of bits of lechon kawali into the dish. we have tried a similar dish in another restaurant, but this one isn't too salty and too sour. It just has the right savory flavor with a little sweet aftertaste. It's perfect with plain steamed rice.


Next to arrive on our table was the Dinakdakan. Streef Chef's version does not use the traditional pig's face or ear. They instead use chunks of lechon kawali that were cooked very crispy. The dish is then flavored with mayonnaise, garlic, onions and lots of chili flakes. This dish is one of the restaurant's house specialties.

Pinaupong Manok

The fifth dish served was a whole Pinauong Manok. It was my first time to eat pinaupong manok and I loved it. I like the tender and moist chicken served with a very savory sauce. The meat would really fall off the bones, it was that tender. And the sauce was truly divine. Sabaw palang ulam na! This is one of my top recommendations here at Street Chef.

Sizzling Balut

Their Sizzling Balut really surprised me. The last time I had this dish was in a restaurant somewhere in Makati, known for the exotic Filipino dishes they serve back in the early 2000's. I didn't like it so I wasn't expecting Street Chef's version to be a good one, until everyone on the table started raving about it. So I took a piece and tried it. I'm not kidding, this is so far the best thing that ever happened to balut! I think the secret lies on the sauce they used. I will definitely be back for this dish.

Crispy Adobo sa Puti

More more pork! Yes, another pork dish came and this time, it's the Crispy Adobo sa Puti. Unlike the usual pork adobo that we know, this one doesn't have a black sauce. No soy sauce was used in its cooking, only salt and lots of garlic and black pepper. I think they are mad for lechon kawali here at Street Chef as this one is also cooked using chunks of lechon kawali, resulting to a crispy and savory dish that is good as a pair for beer or as a main dish. After eating too much lechon-based dishes, I didn't have a putok-batok experience, that must be a good sign huh?

Street Platter

Okay, we thought it was over, until another plate came out from the kitchen, the Street Platter. It's one of their house-specialties and best-sellers as well. The platter includes three sticks of pork bbq, three sticks of betamax (grilled prok blood), and tenga (grilled pork ears). I like the flavor of the marinade and bbq sauce they used here. It has a good balance of sweetness and saltiness. Sprinkled with chili flakes adds more magic to this dish. A traditional Filipino dip was also served with this dish, bbq is never complete without toyo-suka-bawang-sibuyas (soy sauce and vinegar with chopped garlic and onions).

Relyenong Bangus

This time a fish dish was served. We were already full so we just took small bite-size pieces of the Relyenong Bangus. I was never a fan of relyenong bangus since childhood, and I never developed the liking to it until today. I tasted it and it exactly how my mom cooked relyenong bangus. So that must be a good sign because my mom cooks masarap Pinoy dishes!

Crispy Buntot ng Tuna

The Crispy Buntot ng Tuna must be one of the highlights of that night's dinner. The tail of the tuna was just salted and deep-fried to ultra crispy perfection. Accoding to the chef, there's really nothing special about it's taste, but what makes this a best seller is its texture. The skin was super crispy and can very much compete with pork crispy pata. The soy sauce dip completes the experience. We highly recommend this as a healthier option to crispy pata. You will surely be surprised, who knows this might be you new favorite pulutan!

Leche Flan Topped with Mangoes

We finally arrived at our favorite part of the meal, dessert! As I said in my facebook post, I am not a fan of leche flan eaten on its own because I find it too sweet and would usually give me sugar rush. I enjoy it though with halo-halo. Street Chef's version of the Leche Flan is topped with mangoes. The ripe mangoes has the some sourness to it which somehow toned down the sweetness of the leche flan. The whipped cream topping also enhances the overall flavor of this dessert which I trully enjoyed. Two thumbs up Street Chef!

We always enjoy eating Filipino food and it's never a bad choice to eat in a Filipino restaurant. The creativity of restaurants such as Street Chef puts an interesting twist and innovation to our traditional dishes making them more and more interesting. Thank you so much Street Chef for this wonderful street food dining experience.

Street Chef Resto Bar
880 San Rafael Street corner Martinez Avenue
(near Mandaluyong City Hall)
Mandaluyong City
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6:00am to 4:00am
Twitter: @iamstreetchef
Instagram: @streetchefphilippines

How to Get to Street Chef in Mandaluyong City

From Makati City, take Makati Avenue (follow the red line on the map) and cross the bridge going Mandaluyong. Turn left at the end of the bridge and left again towards Barangka Drive. Turn left on Boni Avenue and drive until you reach the Mandaluyong City Hall oval. Turn right on the oval and and another right turn on the following corner onto Martinez Avenue. Turn right on the third corner onto San Rafael Street. Street Chef is the second gate on your right side.

There's an alternate route coming from Boni (follow the blue line) to avoid the heavy traffic at Mandaluyong oval. Along Boni Avenue, turn right on the street after Barangka Street onto Aliw Street. Turn left on the second corner onto San Rafael Street. Street Chef is located on the left side before you reach Martinez Avenue.

From Pasig City, take Pioneer Street (follow the orange line on the map) and cross the EDSA-Boni Underpass. Contnue driving along Boni Avenue until your read the Manadaluyong City Hall oval. Just follow the red line on the map going to Street Chef. You can also use the alternate route by following the blue line on the map. See above instructions for more details.

From Shaw Blvd and San Juan City, you can either take Acacia Lane onto Fabella Road, or the Jaime Cardnal  Sin Street to reach Martnez Avenue (follow the green line on the photo). From Martinez Avenue, drive until you reach San Rafael Street and turn left onto the street. Street Chef should be on your right side.

From Manila City, take Pedro Gil Street until you reach Santa Ana, Manila (follow the violet line on the map). In front of Santa Ana church, turn left onto New Panaderos Street and cross the bridge. Right after the bridge, turn right, and another right turn, then a left turn onto A Mabini Street. Turn right when you reach Aglipay/Boni Avenue. There are currenly repair works being done at the oval so please turn left from Boni onto San Rafael Street. A portion of San Rafael Street has one way traffic so you will have to turn right onto Fatima Street and left onto Sto Rosario Street. When you reach Martinez Street, turn left and just follow the red line on the map. See instructions for Makati City.

From Pasay City, take EDSA northbound and turn left onto Estrella Flyover (follow olive line on the map). Drive towards the end of Estrella Street and cross the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge. Go straight to Barangka Drive (follow red line on the map from here) and turn left onto Boni Avenue. See instructions for Makati to reach Street Chef.

From Quezon City, take EDSA southbound and turn right at Boni Avenue (follow the orange line on the map from here). Follow the instructions for Pasig City to reach Street Chef.

Disclaimer: Dishes featured on this article were provided by Street Chef Resto Bar for photo shoot and food tasting purposes only. Opinion on their food remains ours and are based on our personal taste.

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