International Restaurants in Kapitolyo

This year alone, more than ten new restaurants have opened in Kapitolyo Pasig, adding to the already diverse international dining options in the area. In celebration of United Nations Day, we are listing down the international cuisines available to foodies visiting Kapitolyo. So let the Kapitolyo International Food Trip begin!

Vietnamese Cuisine at Ba Noi's

Ba Noi's is one of the first restaurants that opened in Kapitolyo. They take pride in serving the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Metro Manila. Our top recommendations are the Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong (on the photo) a rice noodle dish served with fried spring rolls and grilled pork in Ba Noi's home-made sauce and with carrot daikon; Cha Gio - spring rolls with ground pork, shrimp, taro and black fungus, wrapped and deep fried, served with greens and traditional Nuoc Mam dipping sauce; and the Bun Bo Kho - beef stew over dry rice noodles with carrots and Nuong Cham. Cost per person is P400-500.

Ba Noi's | East Capitol Drive | 477-9761, 0923-5158242

Spanish Cuisine at Calderon Tapas y Bebidas

Calderon Tapas y Bebidas specializes in home-style Spanish cooking. It's one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo and is currently the only restaurant offering Spanish cuisine in the area. Our top recommendations are the Paella Valenciana (on the photo), the Paella con Setas Manchego y Trufa Esencia, and the Callos. You should also try their sangria! Cost per person is P500-700.

Calderon Kapitolyo | East Capitol Drive | 533-4107, 0905-226-6982

Portuguese Cuisine at Gostoso Piri Piri

Gostoso Piri Piri is the only restaurant in Kapitolyo serving authentic Portuguese cuisine. They specialize in Piri Piri Chicken (on the photo), a specialty dish in Portugal using bird's eye chilis for the chicken marinade and sauce. When visiting Gostoso Piri Piri for the first time, you should try the Gostoso Platter All Three which includes portions of the Piri Piri Chicken, the Porco Gostoso and the Espeto de Gambas. Three persons can share this platter. Cost per person is P400-500.

Gostoso Piri Piri | East Capitol Drive | 477-7330

Italian Cuisine at Grande Torino

Grande Torino is an Italian restaurant in Kapitolyo serving authentic Italian dishes, mainly influenced by the cuisine of Piedmont, a region located at the north of Italy. Most of their ingredients are imported from Italy, to ensure the authentic taste of their dishes. They have a wide selection of pizzas and pastas, but we recommend the the Spaghetti all'Amatriciana and the Fusili alle Vongole (on the photo). You shouldn't miss their Tiramisu and their coffee! Cost per person is P400-500.

Grande Torino | West Capitol Drive | 0918-4363796

Irish Cuisine at St. Patrick's Pub

Have an Irish pub experience at St. Patrick's Pub, the only restaurant in Kapitolyo serving Irish beers and liquors paired with Irish and British dishes including Shepherd's Pie (on the photo) and Fish & Chips. Cost per person is P400-500. They also have different promos on drinks.

St. Patrick's Pub | East Capitol Drive | 654-4881

Greek Cuisine at Greeka Kouzina

Greeka Kouzina brought Greek cuisine to Kapitolyo earlier this year. It's one the new restaurants that opened along United Street, near Ace Water Spa. Our top recommendations are the Beef Souvlaki (on the photo) and the Moussaka. You might also want to try their house-specialty, the Arni Lemonato. Cost per person is P500-700.

Greeka Kouzina | United Street | 218-4859, 0917-8597953

Filipino Cuisine at Locavore

Locavore is the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo as of this writing. They specialize in modern Filipino cuisine using ingredients that are produced locally. We particularly loved their Ensaladang Pakwan, Boneless Lechon Belly (on the photo) and Sizzling Sinigang. Cost per person is P500-600.

Locavore | Brixton Street

Chinese Cuisine at Red Panda Bistro

Red Panda Bistro is a restaurant specializing in Chinese and European dishes. Some of the most notable Chinese dishes on their menu are the dumplings. You can try the Roast Duck Dumpling (on the photo) and the Scallops Siomai. Expect to spend P500-700 per person.

Red Panda Bistro | East Capitol Drive | 475-0877

American Cuisine at Tomahawk Chops & Grill

Tomahawk Chops & Grill is one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo focusing on America's favorite comfort food, steak! The restaurant is famous for its Tomahawk Chops (on the photo) which we loved so much. Cost per person is P400-500.

Tomahawk Chops & Grill | East Capitol Drive | 0917-8409876

We know you are already overwhelmed by the wide options of international cuisine on this list, but this is just the first half and there are more to come. In the meantime, go on an international food trip this weekend with your friends or family. Next week, we will give you more reasons to visit Kapitolyo. Happy United Nations Day!

Update: We went on a three-day International Food Trip in Kapitolyo to list down more international restaurants in the area. Check our Carnivore Food Trip, South East Asian Food Trip, and Gangnam Food Trip on our latest blogpost.