Japanese Cheesecake at Uncle Testu Philippines

Japanese Cheesecake at Uncle Testu Philippines

Japanese Cheesecake is a cotton soft, fluffy, creamy and lightly-sweet cheesecake made famous around Asia by Hakata, Japan-based Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake (locally known as Tetsu Ojisan). Uncle Tetsu Philippines opened its first branch in the Philippines back in July 2014 at SM City Fairview. They now have four outlets in Metro Manila including The Podium in Ortigas Center, Alabang Town Center and SM San Lazaro. They are set to open a fifth outlet this November at SM MOA.

Japanese Cheesecake at Uncle Testu Philippines

Japanese Cheesecake is very different from American cheesecake in many ways. Japanese cheesecake includes flour as an ingredient while American cheesecake does not. Japanese cheesecake doesn't have a crust while American cheesecake won't be complete without it. Japanese cheesecake is always baked while American cheesecake may be unbaked (i.e. refrigerated).

Japanese Cheesecake at Uncle Testu Philippines
Uncle Tetsu caricature stamped on the cheesecake using a branding iron

Japanese cheesecake is fluffy and spongy while American cheesecake is more compact. Japanese cake has more cake-like texture compared to the custardy texture of an American cheesecake. Filipinos may compare the texture of Japanese cheesecake to mamon or inipit, but Japanese cheesecake has smaller air pockets and is softer in consistency. One good thing about Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is that the cake does not harden when refrigerated, it also remains moist.

Both Japanese and American cheesecakes use eggs and cream cheese but Japanese cheesecake has a lighter taste, the taste of cream cheese is very faint. Japanese cheesecake is also not as sweet as American cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake is less filling , so you can easily finish off two to three slices without feeling tired of it. Japanese cheesecake is said to be best eaten when freshly baked, but we actually prefer it chilled.

Uncle Tetsu Outlet at The Podium

Selling at only P299.00 for a whole cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is definitely more affordable. We don't  think Japanese cheesecake can ever substitute American cheesecake. Each has its own charm. We love the lightness of Japanese cheesecake, but we also love the creamy goodness of American cheesecake.

In addition to the classic Japanese cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu Philippines recently released the Chocolate flavor version of their cheesecake. We are yet to try it and we'll tell you what we think. You can follow us on Instagram at @pinasmuna for updates.

Uncle Tetsu Philippines
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