Clawdaddy's at Bonifacio High Street

Clawdaddy's is a casual dining restaurant specializing in seafood given a twist of American style of cooking. But being an American restaurant, Clawdaddy's also serves non-seafood dishes such as steaks, ribs and buffalo wings, just to name a few.

When I was still working at Eastwood back in 2009, Bonifacio High Street is one of our favorite go-to places to eat. I remember we celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Clawdaddy's with a dinner buffet featuring Americas most loved Thanksgiving meals and other pumpkin inspired dishes.

After more than five years, we are glad to be back here at Clawdaddy's to try out their other dishes. Thanks to the team behind Favorite Manila Restaurants 2014-2015 and Taggo for making this mini banquet possible.

Oriental Salad

For starters, our group had the Oriental Salad (P315.00) with Lollo rosso lettuce and red cabbage, mixed with Vannamei Shrimp Popcorn, water chestnuts and citrus fruits, and dressed with a light Asian plum dressing. I particularly loved the water chestnuts as they added a refreshing crunch to the salad.

Appetizer Sampler

An Appetizer Sampler (P760.00) was then served on our table. While the others started with the Crispy Calamari, Edgar and I sampled the Barbeque Nachos. We loved the flavorful combination of mango and jalapeno salsa, cheddar cheese sauce, barbeque sauce and sour cream dressing. We then shared a piece of the fried Mozzarella Balls which are coated in a golden brown crispy breading. The Buffalo Wings were perfectly flavored and were not too spicy. I also loved the plump and juicy Garlicky Mussels, especially the flavorful broth in which I also soaked the slices of French breach which came along with the platter. The Crispy Calamari were also perfectly cooked with the squid tender and not rubbery.

Seafood Boil

Clawdaddy's pioneered the "Boiling Bags" in the Philippines almost ten years ago. Boiling bags are a traditional way of cooking seafood in plastic bags most loved as a picnic treat in Louisiana. During our visit, our group feasted on the Seafood Boil (P1,495.00), a generous serving of mud crabs, fresh water prawns, white shell clams, green shell mussels, Manila clams, South Pacific mussels, potatoes and sweet corn, and flavored with Andouille sausage and garlic butter.

Barbeque Sampler

Another Clawdaddy's special is the Barbeque Sampler (P1,495.00) which includes Baby Back Ribs, Hickory Smoked Chicken, Shrimps on the Barbie, and Smoked Sausage served with grilled corn on the cob and potato salad. Our favorite from this batch are the Hickory Smoked Chicken for its tender and moist meat and super tasty skin, and the Smoked Sausage. This sampler is big enough for a group of 4 to 5 persons.

Seafood Jambalaya

Clawdaddy's sister restaurant, New Orleans, also had us sample two of their signature and best-selling dishes. New Orleans specializes in Creole cuisine, and no other dish best represent this regional cuisine than the Seafood Jambalaya (P435.00), which is a Creole rice casserole with holy trinity (celery, peppers, and onions), okra, Andouille sausages, calamari, white shrimp, fish fillet and jambalaya spices. I am a big fan of jambalaya, may it be seafood or meat jambalaya. Unfortunately, Edgar was not able to enjoy this as much as I did because he is allergic to seafood.

Baby Back Ribs

Another best-seller of New Orleans are their very own Baby Back Ribs (Full Slab: P1,098.00) made of US Pork baby back ribs marinated in their dry rub and slow cooked for a tender and juicy barbeque. Ours was served with potato fries and corn.

Clawdaddy's and New Orleans were recognized by the members of Favorite Manila Restaurants 2014-2015 as some of the top restaurants in Metro Manila. This list of restaurants is integrated into Taggo, a new social marketing platform that where a "Fan" receives discount and promo privileges and translates a "Fan" into real-world sales for a restaurant. A win-win for both the Fan and the Restaurant.

Taggo has partnered with Master Card to provide diners with a 10% discount (or any special offer provided by the Taggo restaurant members/merchants) when they use their Master Card credit card to pay their bill to all Taggo restaurant members.

To qualify, a Master Card holder only needs to following these three easy steps:

1. Like the restaurant's Fan Club and register their mobile number.
New Orleans:
2. Present their mobile number to the cashier/food attendant once ready to pay with a Master Card credit card.

3. A check-in will be posted on the customer's Facebook wall.

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