Kapitolyo Restaurants Holiday Schedule 2014

Kapitolyo Restaurants Holiday Schedule 2014

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas or New Year over lunch or dinner in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, please take note of the store hours of these selected Kapitolyo restaurants during the holidays. We have confirmed the following schedules with the restaurants through phone, but these may change without prior notice.

Restaurant Dec. 24 Dec. 25 Dec. 31 Jan. 01
Ba Noi's 1100am-0300pm Closed 1100am-0300pm Closed
CAB Cafe 0800am-0700pm Closed 0800am-0300pm Closed
Calderon 1100am-0500pm* Closed 1100am-0500pm* Closed
Charlie's 1000am-0500pm Closed 1000am-0500pm Closed
Egg-it Closed Closed Closed Closed
Hiyas 1100am-0900pm 1100am-1000pm 1100am-0900pm 1100am-1000pm
Gostoso Piri Piri 1000am-0800pm 1000am-0900pm 1000am-0600pm 1200nn-0900pm
Grande Torino 1000am-1100pm 1000am-1100pm 1000am-1100pm 1000am-1100pm
Greeka Kouzina Closed Closed Closed Closed
Lee Hak 1100am-1000pm 1100am-1000pm 1100am-1000pm 1100am-1000pm
Locavore Closed 0630pm onwards 1130am-0230pm 0630pm onwards
Ninak 0800am-0200pm 0400pm-1000pm 0800am-0200pm 0400pm-1000pm
Pancit Center 0900am-0900pm 0900am-0900pm 0900am-0900pm 0900am-0900pm
Persia Grill 1100am-0700pm 0100pm-1100pm 1100am-0700pm 0100pm-1100pm
Poco Deli 0800am-0600pm Closed 0800am-0600pm Closed
Pomodoro Pizza 1100am-0730pm 1200nn-1200mn 1100am-0730pm 1200nn-1200mn
Ramen Kool Closed 1200nn-1030pm Closed 1200nn-1030pm
Red Panda Bistro 0700am-0900pm 0700am-1130pm TBA TBA
Silantro Closed Closed Closed Closed
Smile Elephant 1100am-0300pm Closed 1100am-0300pm Closed
St. Patrick's Pub Closed 0400pm-0200am Closed Closed
Three Sisters 1000am-0800pm 1000am-0800pm 1000am-0800pm Closed
Tomahawk 1100am-0200pm 1100am-0200pm
1100am-0200pm Closed
Wooden Spoon 1030am-0800pm 1200nn-0900pm 1030am-0800pm 1200nn-0900pm

*Open for take-out only
TBA - schedule to be announced later

BONUS: We have also included selected restaurants at the Capitol Commons in the neighboring barrio Oranbo, Pasig City.

Restaurant Dec. 24 Dec. 25 Dec. 31 Jan. 01
Black Olive 1100am-1000pm 1100am-0300am 1100am-0300am 1100am-0300am
Sentro 1771 0700am-0800pm 1100am-1100pm 0700am-0600pm 1100am-1100pm
Tipsy Pig 1130am-1000pm 1130am-0300am 1000pm onwards 0500pm onwards

If you know of other Kapitolyo or Oranbo restaurants opening during the holidays, please email to us the details at pinasmuna@gmail.com. This table will be updated during the holidays so please bookmark this page.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kapitolyo!

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  1. Thanks. What about the restaurants at ACE Water Spa building? Would appreciate it if you can include them in the list.