Sandpoint Idaho Burgers at The Portal, Greenfield District

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers is a new fast casual burger joint that recently opened at The Portal, Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City last December 6. This home-grown brand specializes in artisan burgers using hand-crafted potato buns and beef patties. They also serve pasta and other potato dishes.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

The restaurant got its name from the city of Sandpoint in Idaho. The State of Idaho is a major producer of potato in the United States while Sandpoint is known for its potato dishes and pastries, including the potato bread.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers   Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers make their own hand-crafted potato buns. Compared to a regular burger bun, potato buns are more dense and has a hint of potato flavor. Since the buns are made by hand, no two buns are shaped alike. Some are perfectly round, some are a bit elongated.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers
Wallace Cheesy

During our visit, we tried two of their best-selling artisan burgers. Edgar had the Wallace Cheesy (P175.00) which is made of a grilled 8oz. beef patty on a bed of lettuce and topped with Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese, slices of cucumber and tomato, dressed with their special Sandpoint sauce and served in a potato bun.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

I had the Castleford (P250.00) which is basically a Wallace Cheesy burger with bacons.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

For both burgers, the beef patty was perfectly flavored, not too salty and not too spicy. The patty was grilled so it is not greasy, but still moist. The cheeses added just the right saltiness to the burger while the veggies gave each bite a refreshing taste. The bacon adds extra texture and flavor to the Castleford burger. We also loved the simple idea of providing the guests with disposable plastic gloves so that they can enjoy their burgers with their hands without worrying about the mess. You can also request for a fork if you prefer to eat your burger that way.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers
Idaho Mojos + House Blend Iced Tea

They also have four types of burger add-ons which include a 12oz serving of House Blend Iced Tea and 100g serving of your choice of Idaho Fries (+P49.00), Idaho Wedges (+P79.00), Idaho Chips (+P79.00) or Idaho Mojos (+P79.00). We tried the Idaho Mojos and the Idaho Wedges. We prefer the wedges which are flavorful with a hint of chili.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers
Idaho Wedges + House Blend Iced Tea

Separate orders of potato sides are also available in 200g servings: Idaho Fries (P69.00), Idaho Wedges (P99.00), Idaho Mojos (P99.00), and Idaho Chips (P99.00). They also serve Latke (P149.00), a potato pancake dish of Jewish origin. We are yet to try this.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

We loved their House Blend Iced Tea (P45.00) which has a light mango flavor. We also sampled their Brewed Coffee (P45.00) and Hot Sikwate (P49.00). The coffee was quite good! We find the sikwate (hot chocolate) too diluted though.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers' menu is uncomplicated and is full of other many interesting dishes. On our next visit, we want to try the Arco burger and the Boise burger, as well as their Idaho Wings, their pasta dishes. We will update this article for more reviews of their food.

Most intriguing on their menu is the Colossus (P899.00), a 2.5 kilo monster burger. They have an ongoing promo that challenges a lucky guest to finish a Colossus in 20 minutes or less, and the burger is free, plus the guest also brings home a free shirt.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers

Overall, we enjoyed the food at Sandpoint Idaho Burgers. Finally, delicious burger doesn't have to be greasy. We will definitely be back to try their other burgers. They are currently on soft opening and are open 24 hours, so if you have a sudden craving for good quality gourmet burger, head on to Greenfield. They are soon to open an branch in Eastwood Libis as well. Bookmark this article for more updates.

Sandpoint Idaho Burgers
United Street, The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
Opening Hours: 24/7 (this may change)
Contact Number: 0916-4240062
Instagram: @sandpoint_idaho_burgers

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