Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City

Diamond Palace is a family-style Chinese restaurant in Bacolod City specializing in fresh seafood. The restaurant started as a hang out place for the owner and his friends and has now become a favorite dining place for Chinese families in Bacolod City. The restaurant is strategically located a few blocks away from the famous Burgos Market where the owner personally sources their fresh seafood every morning, putting Diamond Palace in an advantage from other restaurants in the area.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City

We got the chance to sample the best sellers of Diamond Palace in time for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. We arrived at the restaurant during lunchtime and we were welcomed by the prompt waiter who immediately escorted us to our seat. Water and fortune cookies were immediately served on our table along with the menu. Their menu has a wide range of choices of authentic Chinese dishes prepared by their seasoned chef. What we also liked about their menu is that dishes are available in various serving sizes depending on how many people will be sharing the dish.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Minced Spinach with Seafood Soup

First to be served was the Minced Spinach with Seafood Soup (P180.00-420.00). It's a healthy soup made with fresh spinach with bits of seafood to add flavor. Sotanghon noodles are then added to give it a distinct taste. The noodles also absorb the natural saltiness of the seafood, making it light to the taste buds. Silken threads of egg also add thickness to the soup. Having a bowl or two is definitely the perfect way to jump-start our appetite.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Seafood Hot Pot

A traditional Chinese dish, main ingredients of the Seafood Hot Pot (P300.00-600.00) are fresh seafood that are slightly seasoned to preserve its original flavor. Diamond Palace serves this dish with sea cucumber, juicy to the bite bursts with flavor in your mouth. Taste is truly unmatched. The tofu and mushrooms were so tender, adding earthy notes the dish, making it a notch higher than the original version of the dish.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Steamed Prawn with Garlic

The Steamed Prawn with Garlic (P800.00-1,000.00 per kilo) was stunning to the eye, but more than the looks, the taste was startling! Diamond Palace dishes it up by serving the prawns on a bed of sotanghon noodles. The noodles absorb natural flavor of the seafood and is complemented by the garlicky and buttery goodness of the broth. The prawns were accurately steamed, keeping them juicy and firm.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Birthday Misua
Chinese family celebrations would not be complete without the Birthday Misua (P150.00-300.00) on their dining table. Said to symbolize long life, this noodle dish is cooked with vegetables, pork and shrimps and is served topped with peanuts and hard boiled egg wedges. Also called Cha Misua, this dish is a favorite during birthdays and Chinese New Year celebrations.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Steamed Grouper in Soy Sauce

Fresh and sweet was our initial taste, perfectly steamed to retain the firmness of its delicate meat of the Lapu-Lapu, the natural juice mixing with the sauce. But! The most tasteful part this Steamed Grouper in Soy Sauce (P1000.00 per kilo) was the head of the fish. It's a popular dish here at Diamond Palace. It was no wonder that we immediately thought that this was one of the highlights of the whole seafood menu. A must try if you dine at Diamond Palace with your friends and family.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City
Steamed Crab in Garlic
Wait there's more! Another superstar of the restaurant is the Steamed Crab in Garlic (P800.00-1,000.00 per kilo). When you order this dish, you need to choose first from their live aquarium display. The crabs are the then steamed and served hot. Diamond Palace's version was neither oily nor salty. Eating the crabs with bare hands is the trick! Thanks to the owner for teaching us proper technique. “Eat it with your bare hands so that you’ll enjoy the taste”, he said. This added to the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant. We really felt at home and very comfortable. After all, this is a restaurant that welcomes everyone.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City

Another specialty of Diamond Palace is their Peking Duck. It can be ordered as plain roasted or minced with lettuce. The Peking Duck sells for P1,600.00-1,800.00 is usually reserved for very special occasions. Shabu-Shabu is also available upon request, but prior arrangement needs to be made with the restaurant. Diamond Palace is also currently expanding to the second floor of the building. By March 2015, they will be able to accommodate 600 to 800 guests.

Diamond Palace Restaurant in Bacolod City

Diamond Palace makes Chinese dining experience in Bacolod poles apart from the rest. It is not just a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese dishes, it’s a place where families gather. In fact, the owner dines here for lunch and dinner with his family, a silent statement that Diamond Palace is really a hang out place for all.


Here's a summary of what we liked about Diamond Palace:
  • Seafood is  sourced fresh from the market everyday, an assurance of high quality of their dishes. Food is perfectly cooked and served with good presentation. Taste is well balance, not too salty, and not too oily.
  • We liked it that you can order dishes in different serving size so you can easily budget the amount of food based on how many you are dining at the restaurant. The biggest serving size is really a good deal so we recommend this restaurant for groups of friends or families.
  • Service is above average. Staff is welcoming, friendly and very assisting. They are familiar with the dishes on their menu. 
  • The restaurant is clean and spacious. The area is also well lit. There's ample parking space outside. The restaurant is also easy to spot and is accessible by public transport. 
  • Overall, Diamond Palace offers one of the most remarkable dining experiences in Bacolod. 
Here are some areas of improvement:
  • The restaurant can consider having a security guard who can watch the cars parked outside especially in the evening, and who can assist the guests when parking in their cars or backing out their cars onto the street.
  • Though jazz or bossa nova are fine, the restaurant can also consider playing music that matches the theme of the restaurant. Playing some Teresa Teng songs will surely bring nostalgia to many Chinese patrons of Diamond Palace.

Diamond Palace Restaurant
Hilado Street, Bacolod City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm and 5:30pm-10:30pm
Contact Numbers: (034) 432 0800; (034) 476-8942
Facebook: Diamond Palace

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