J.CO's New Coconut Mocha Frappe & Dazzling Queen Donut

J.CO has recently launched two new tropical-inspired products that are perfect for the mild weather of the rainy season. The Coconut Mocha Frappe is the latest addition to J.CO's line of interesting drinks with a unique blend of coffee flavors. The drink is made of velvety smooth coconut jellies which are swirled in a blend of iced coconut, chocolate and J.Coffee. The sweetness of the coconut jellies tones down the bitterness of the coffee, while the chocolate brings out the mocha goodness of the drink.

Another new product is the Dazzling Queen Donut. This sexy pink donut is filled with berry-coconut cream, topped with a thick layer of strawberry chocolate and sprinkled with a generous amount of dried coconut flakes. What we liked about this donut was the well-balanced sweetness that is not too overpowering. The coconut flakes topping added texture to the delicate donut making every bite an enjoyable one.

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