The Burger King Whopper | Mark of Excellence in Taste

Arriving at NAIA3 from a weekend trip in the province, we don't miss the chance of dining at the Burger King branch located at the arrival area. Eating a Burger King Whopper is one of our simple pleasures and is also our way of treating ourselves for another successful weekend of exploration and adventure. So what is it really in a Burger King Whopper that make us keep coming back for more?

The secret was revealed during an event we attended at Burger King's Frontera Verde branch in Pasig City. First, they only use premium ingredients. Second, the patty is not fried nor seared, but flame-grilled. Lastly, the flavors are locked in the patty through a grilling technique that creates the signature grill marks on the patty. This is why the patty is neither too dry nor too oily, but perfectly moist.

Burger King also makes the best tasting iced tea that is rich in flavor of natural tea. They also serve thick cut fries, a premium food item that you can only find in casual dining restaurants. Burger King is also the only fast food restaurant that serves onion rings with their burgers. The list goes on, but more than anything else, it is the taste of their burgers that makes Burger King our favorite fast food restaurant in the Philippines. At Burger King, taste is truly king!

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