NEW Restaurant in Baguio: The Coffee Library

The Coffee Library Baguio

The Coffee Library is a new cafe in Baguio City which specializes in Vietnamese and Italian coffees. The cafe opened last December 10, 2015 making it the newest cafe in Baguio City. Our recent visit to Baguio was very timely to their opening, and we were one of the first ones to try this newest hangout place in Baguio.

The Coffee Library Baguio

It is located at the ground floor of Rex Hall Student Residences and near Saint Louis University, Baguio Cathedral and City Lights Hotel. Away from the touristy places in the city, most of the guests here are locals. Being located beside a students residence and near the university, The Coffee Library caters mainly to college students, the young and the hip.

The Coffee Library Baguio

The cafe's interior design is dominated with wood and bricks, giving it a warm and cozy ambiance. While most of the tables can sit two to four persons, there's also a lounge area ideal for bigger groups and long tables which are perfect for study groups. To make things even more awesome, especially for the students, The Coffee Library offers free WiFi Internet access inside the cafe, perfect for those who are doing online research for a paper or a report.

The Coffee Library Baguio

Service is very efficient. The staff is very friendly and will accommodate any inquiry on their coffee and food. They are also  well trained to provide recommendations to visiting guests.

The Coffee Library Baguio
Cà phê sữa nóng
The Coffee Library is the only cafe in Baguio City that offers Vietnamese coffee, that alone is enough to stir the curiosity of Baguio City's coffee lovers. What's also amazing is that almost all of their drinks (except one) are priced below P100.00. Very student friendly!

The Coffee Library Baguio
Cà phê sữa đá
I usually go for the basic Cà Phê Sữa or Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Here at The Coffee Library, they sell it for only P70.00! Depending on my mood and weather, I either get the hot version (Cà phê sữa nóng) or the cold/iced version (Cà phê sữa đá) which is basically the hot version poured over ice.

The Coffee Library Baguio
Cà phê sữa chua nếp
There are also interesting Vietnamese coffee variants on the menu such as the Cà phê bạc xỉu (P85.00) or Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk, the Cà phê sữa chua (P95.00) or Vietnamese coffee with yogurt, and the Cà phê sữa chua nếp (P110.00) of Vietnamese coffee with yogurt and sticky rice. The cafe's owner Mr. Stephen Zarate, recommended that I try the Cà phê sữa chua nếp.

We watched Stephen as he prepare their best-selling drink. It's basically the same iced Vietnamese coffee only with the sweet and semi-sour taste of the yogurt. It is refreshing to the palate. The sticky rice is half cooked and provided extra flavor to the drink. A wooden spoon is provided so you can scoop out the sticky rice after you have finished your coffee. It's a unique experience which you can only have here at The Coffee Library.

Pho Bo
Aside from Vietnamese coffee, they also serve Pho Bo (P130.00) which is rice noodles in beef broth mixed with fresh vegetables. Perfect for the Baguio weather. They also have Nem Ran (P140.00) which are crispy spring rolls filled with minced pork and mushrooms. They serve the north Vietnamese variant of the more popular Cha Gio.

Nem Ran
They also serve pasta and all-day breakfast. During our visit, we were also able to try their Bacon with Omelette (P130.00) which is served with tasted bread and bananas. We are yet to try their pasta when we revisit them this year.

Bacon & Omellete
They also have cupcakes such as Green Tea and two flavors infused with liquor such as Chocolate Kahlua and Tequila Rose. These ones are perfect with the hot variants of coffee.

(left-right) Chocolate Kahlua, Green Tea, Tequila Rose
Vietnamese Coffee is one of the drinks that give me comfort. I remember when I used to visit Highlands Coffee in Manila just to have by Vietnamese coffee fix. Sadly they already closed. Luckily for Baguio residents, they have The Coffee Library which offers quality coffee at very affordable prices. I envy you guys in Baguio! The Coffee Library will definitely be one of our favorite stops whenever we would visit Baguio. It would be a fun experience to write on of our blog posts there.

See you guys in Baguio!

How to get to The Coffee Library

The easiest way of course is by taxi. Just tell the driver to bring you to Rex Hall along Upper Bonifacio Street and near City Lights Hotel. The cafe is on the ground floor facing the street. If you are coming from the Baguio Cathedral, the cafe is just short walk. Exit the cathedral at Fr. Carlu Street. Walk to the left side of the street. Turn left on the third corner onto Upper Bonifacio Street. The cafe would be on your right side right after the intersection.

Disclaimer: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our drinks and meals. This article is free from biases. Opinion stated in this article is that of the author and is in no way influenced by the establishment or the owners thereof.

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