Gadget Review: the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch is the newest gaming console from Nintendo which is now available in the Philippines. Nintendo Switch is designed as a versatile gaming console which you can use at home while connected to your HD television or bring with you as a handheld console. Games may be purchased as a physical Nintendo Switch Game Card or may be downloaded through the Nintendo eShop.

The console's modular design will allow you to easily switch from one gaming mode to another, hence the name Nintendo Switch. The main body of the console is the tablet with a 6.2-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen. When purchasing the Nintendo Switch, it already comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers which are available in three colors: grey, neon blue and neon red. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack.

In handheld mode, the Joy-Con controllers are attached to the sides of the tablet. The Nintendo Switch charges through USB Type-C port. The unit already comes with a charger upon purchase. It takes about three hours to fully charge the console while on sleep mode. The Joy-Con controllers also get charged when attached to the console. When fully charged, the console runs on battery and can last up to three hours of continues playing.

When detached from the tablet, the Joy-Con will automatically connect to the tablet via Bluetooth. In addition to the buttons and the analog sticks, the Joy-Con also has motion controls which can be activated through the game's settings. Activating the motion controls makes the games more fun and interactive, but it is completely up to your preference.

The console has a built-in stand which also serves as the cover of the miscroSD Card slot. Nintendo Switch has 32 GB of internal storage and is expandable up to 2TB using third-party microSDHC or microSDXC cards.

Using the console on desktop mode unleashes the full potential of Nintendo Switch. The Joy-Con controllers can be used by a single player, or separately by two players. The Nintendo Switch package also comes with a Joy-Con Grip to which you can mount the two Joy-Con controllers.

When staying at home or in a hotel, you can mount the Nintendo Switch console to the Nintendo Switch dock (part of the package). The dock serves as a charging station and connector to your HD television. The dock weights less than a pound and is very compact in size.

When staying in a hotel, just look for the HDMI port either at the media hub or ask assistance from the hotel's housekeeping when locating the HDMI port. Unfortunately, you can not connect the Nintendo Switch to your television without an HDMI port. Don't worry because you can always use it on desktop or handheld modes.

The Nintendo Switch really lives up to its promise of Freedom to have fun. Wherever. Whenever. Having said this, the Nintendo Switch is your perfect travel companion. It has enough power to run on batteries during short flights within the country. Bad news though if your find yourself stuck in the airport during delayed flights.

Another great news about the Nintendo Switch is that games are region-free. This means that users can buy games released in any region and they will work in all Nintendo Switch consoles. In the Philippines, Nintendo Switch game cards cost between P2,000 to P3,000. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for example costs P2,795. Online, the games cost between US$4.99 to US$59.99.

The Nintendo Switch currently sells in the Philippines at P18,000. Bundles are also available at P22,000 which comes with two games or at P28,000 which comes with a game and an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers.

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