La Comida de Antonio Ristorante, Baguio City

La Comida de Antonio Ristorante, Baguio City

La Comida de Antonio Ristorante in Baguio City serves Spanish dishes as well as some Filipino and Western meals and snacks. It is among the newest restaurants in Baguio City that is hidden away from the radars of the tourists but is slowly gaining popularity among the locals. It is located on the 4th floor of La Azotea Building, Session Road. It is the same building where another restaurant specializing in vegetarian food is located.

La Comida de Antonio Ristorante, Baguio City
homey ambiance inside the restaurant

Last December, we got the chance to visit La Comida de Antonio Ristorante to meet the owners of the restaurant. It has a homey feel inside with some of the owners' old furniture now being used at the restaurant. They want it to an extension of their home where they can entertain guests, the owners say. They also have a fantastic view of the city from the resto's veranda. We also got to sample their house specialties.

Squash Soup

We started off with a warm bowl of Squash Soup. It was perfect for the cold weather that evening. What we liked about the soup was that it was creamy and not overpowering with strong squash flavor. As you can see from the color, it's yellowish and not brownish-orange. Another interesting ingredient they used in this soup was broccoli. Blended into the soup, the broccoli gives a more refreshing veggie flavor to the soup. It's also healthier.

Antonio's Chicken - the specialty of the house

Now our tummies are warm and ready for the star of the dinner table. Antonio's Chicken, according to the owners, is the pride of the restaurant. The whole chicken is slow-cooked to keep the meat tender and juicy. It is then deep-fried to crispy brown, cut into halves, served with vegetables an a special secret recipe white sauce.

We love fried chicken, and quite picky about it. And we must say, it's one of the best tasting fried chickens we ever had. Crispy (in a non-breadcrumb manner) on the outside and really juicy in the inside. What's amazing is that the flavor of the chicken is locked in to the meat, that's the beauty of slow cooking.

Now, the sauce. I told the owners, "You better keep the recipe a secret because it is really, really good!" Forget about gravy! This is the real deal! "Sabaw pa lang ulam na" is an understatement. And would you believe that this whole chicken dish only costs P210.00 (US$4.70)? Yes sir! High quality food at very affordable price is hard to find in Baguio City.

We would like to thank La Comida de Antonio Ristorante for a wonderful dinner, we enjoyed the food and our great conversations. We learned a lot about the dining scene in Baguio City.

La Comida de Antonio Ristorante
4th Floor, La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio City
Store Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-12:00mn
Contact Number: 0922-8716578
Facebook: La Comida de Antonio Ristorante

How to get there

At Session Road, just ask around where La Azotea building is. It's situated across Starbucks. The restaurant is on the fourth floor. We tell you, it's worth the climb. Going to Session Road, just take a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to La Azotea Building. Fare is P60-P80 depending where you are coming from.

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