Collect the 2014 Coca-Cola Glasses at McDonald's

2014 Coca-Cola Glasses McDonald's

The limited edition 2014 Coca-Cola Glasses collection is finally here! This was announced by McDonald's Philippines on their Facebook page last October 28, 2014. You can avail of one (1) glass by just adding P25.00 to any Extra Value Meal. We have completed all the six designs yesterday, but may die hard McDo fans have completed their collection on day-1.

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2014 Coca-Cola Glasses McDonald's

The 2014 Edition of the Coca-Cola glass features six different patterns (see image below, clockwise from upper-left): Ripple, Linear, Dimple, Steel, Diamond and Mosaic. While the previous editions of the glasses were available in different colors, the 2014 Edition on the other hand is only in grey.

2014 Coca-Cola Glasses McDonald's
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The 2014 Coca-Cola glass may be availed together with any Extra Value Meal, including all burger value meals, chicken or nuggets value meals; as well as the Breakfast Meals, and BFF Bundles. The glasses are NOT available with the McSaver Meals such as the Crispy Chicken Fillet, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Spaghetti McSaver Meals.

2014 Coca-Cola Glasses McDonald's
detail of the ripple pattern

The glasses are available via dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, McDeliver (8-mcdo) and the McDo App.

2014 Coca-Cola Glasses McDonald's

IMPORTANT: When using for the first time, make sure that you wash the glasses thoroughly with dish washing solution to remove dirt and any chemical residue from the glass manufacturing. The glasses are dishwasher safe. Do not use in microwave.

How to add a Coca-Cola Glass to you Extra Value Meal via the McDo App

Step 1: From the McDelivery Menu, choose Extra Value Meals or BFF Bundles.
Step 2: Select your preferred value meal.
Step 3: Tap on "Customize Your Meal".

Step 4: Scroll the screen down until you see the Coke Glass section.
Step 5: Choose your Coke Glass design.
Step 6: Tap on "Add to Order".

Step 7: You will be notified that your value meal was added to your order. Tap on "OK".
Step 8: If you want to add another value meal, repeat steps 2-7, otherwise tap on "View Order" to check your order list.
Step 9: Review your order list. If everything is accurate, Tap on "Check Out" to finalize your order.

Step 10: Fill in your personal and delivery
details, then tap on "Proceed to Delivery" to
submit your order

Did you like the designs of the 2014 Edition Coca-Cola Glasses? What's your favorite design(s)? Do you want them in different colors? Tell us what you think.


  1. I ordered a 3-piece pancake meal (Breakfast Meal) at McDonalds Greenbelt and I asked if I can purchase a glass. The cashier said I can't with breakfast meals (which is a bummer).

    1. That shuoldn' be the case. I checked with a branch manager near my office they confirmed to me that you can avail the glass with a 3-piece pancake meal. Only the McSaver meals are not included in the promo. The manager added that certain branches do no comply or modify the rules of the promo. There are branches (daw) in Makati that dont include Cheeseburger and Burger McDo meals in the promo. To be sure, avoid the small franchise branches and go to McDo branches owned by Golden Arches or Choice Gourmet Banquet.