International Food Trip in Kapitolyo Pasig

If you have an Instagram account, just search for the hash-tag #kapitolyo and most of the photos you will see are food, food and more food. Kapitolyo has truly become a dining destination in Metro Manila. Last week, we have listed down some of the international restaurants in Kapitolyo. This week, we went on a three-day food trip in Kapitolyo and listed down more international cuisine finds in the area. Here's how our International Food Trip in Kapitolyo went.

Day 1: Carnivore Food Trip

On the first day of our international food trip in Kapitolyo, we searched for some meaty and and savory international dishes to please the carnivore in us. Our first stop was Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina. The restaurant specializes in Mexican food that has been adjusted to suit the Filipino taste, thus the term Fil-Mex. We ordered the Beef Nachos which is one of the best-sellers of the restaurant. During our visit, almost all of the guests ordered this dish.

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Beef Nachos by Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Kapitolyo
Beef Nachos by Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina | East Capitol Drive | 654 9657

Our next stop was Poco Deli which is known for their artisanal sausages. And talking about sausages, no other nation do better Wurst than Germany! We ordered the German Sausage Sampler served with Sauerkraut and olives. To be consistent with German culinary tradition, we also ordered German beers to with the sausages. Lecker!

German Sausage Sampler by Poco Deli Kapitolyo
German Sausage Sampler by Poco Deli | East Capitol Drive | 477-4332

Our last stop was Persia Grill located at the Ace Water Spa building. It's one of our favorite restaurants in Metro Manila serving authentic Persian cuisine. We ordered the Chelo Kebab Kobideh said to be the national dish of Iran. We also ordered Yogurt Shake, a must whenever we eat at a Persian restaurant. What a great way to end our carnivorous lunch!

Chelo Kebab Kobideh by Persia Grill Kapitolyo
Chelo Kebab Kobideh by Persia Grill | United Street corner Brixton Street | 477-7729

Day 2: South East Asian Food Trip

It was a rainy day, and we were feeling lazy to hop from one restaurant to another. So that day so we decided to eat at Ninak Kapitolyo since the restaurant features a number of South East Asian dishes. For our first dish, we ordered Laksa which is a traditional Malaysian coconut curry soup dish with squid balls, chicken fillet, shrimps, boiled egg, rice noodles and tofu, and garnished with bean sprouts and cilantro. The soup was thick and the flavors were amazing. 

Laksa by Ninak Kapitolyo
Laksa by Ninak | East Capitol Drive | 655-6902

The next dish we ordered was the Char Kway Teow, a Singaporean stir-fried flat rice noodle dish cooked with sweet soy, sambal paste, Chinese sausage, shrimp and mussels, served with lime and topped with cilantro. Actually, there are many versions of this dish across Singapore and Malaysia, I really don't know what version is being served by Ninak. I love its mildly spicy-sweet taste and generous amount of seafood even made it better. However, its goodness is not enough for it to become one of my favorite noddle dishes.

Char Kway Teow by Ninak Kapitolyo
Char Kway Teow by Ninak | East Capitol Drive | 655-6902

Because Edgar doesn't eat seafoods, our third dish has to be beef! So we ordered his favorite Indonesian dish, the Beef Rendang. This dish originated from Indonesia and version of it now spread across South East Asia. It's basically a beef curry dish slow cooked with chilis, aromatic roots, herbs and spices, until the coconut milk caramelize into a sweet-spicy-savory sauce. The beef was super tender and it was perfect with steamed rice. Sedap!

Beef Rendang by Ninak Kapitolyo
Beef Rendang by Ninak | East Capitol Drive | 655-6902

Although Ninak also serves Thai dishes, we decided to move to another restaurant. Smile Elephant is a hidden treasure in Kapitolyo. Only the residents know about this place, so we gave it a try. It is owned by a Thai chef, so you can be assured that the Thai cuisine they serve is authentic. We ordered Pomelo Salad and Chicken Satay. It was one of the best Thai chicken satay I ever tasted. he meat was not dry, and the peanut sauce was heavenly.

Chicken Satay by Smile Elephant
Chicken Satay by Smile Elephant | West Capitol Drive | 738-5824

Day 3: Gangnam Food Trip, and then some...

On the third day of our international food trip in Kapitolyo, we finally decided to give Korean food a try. We know very little about Korean cuisine, luckily, Lee Hak Restaurant offers affordable order-all-you-can lunch and dinner promos in Kapitolyo. We started off with a plate of appetizers including Kimchi (Korea's national dish). Some of the other Korean dishes we tried were the Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake), jjin mandu (steamed dumplings), ramyeon noodles (instant spicy Korean ramen), Korean BBQ - chadolbaegi (sliced beef briskets). It was a great experience of being introduced to Korean cuisine. Now, we are ready to try other Korean restaurants in Manila.

Kimchi at Lee Hak Restaurant Kapitolyo
Kimchi at Lee Hak Restaurant | Pioneer Center, Pioneer Street | 942-6508 / 584-3279

On the second floor of Lee Hak is its sister restaurant, Moku. The good thing about Lee Hak's order-all-you-can promo is that you get to choose not only Korean, but also Japanese dishes! Yes, what a great deal right? Edgar ordered the Chicken Karaage while I ordered Salmon Sushi.

Salmon Sushi by Moku Kapitolyo
Salmon Sushi by Moku | Pioneer Center, Pioneer Street | 942-6508 / 584-3279

Finally, we dropped by Egg-it to have their Hong Kong style waffles for dessert. Our favorite is the Mango Caramel. The refreshing taste of the mangoes washes down all the flavors of the Korean and Japanese dishes we had for lunch.

Mango Caramel Waffle by Egg-it | San Rafael Street corner Sta. Rosa Street | 0915-269-6424

So there! Now you have more reason to keep coming back to Kapitolyo. There are now so many restaurants offering international dishes to choose from, and there are countless combinations of cuisines that you can imagine. For more restaurants, you can check our International Restaurants in Kapitolyo article. How about you? How was your food trip in Kapitolyo? We love to hear your story :-)

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