Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant is a new casual dining restaurant located at the Tomas Morato area, along Sct. Limbaga Street in Quezon City. The restaurant specializes in classic Filipino dishes served in a setting that evokes a sense of home and comfort.

Since last year, we have been noticing this property in its different stages of renovation. We knew that it would soon house a new restaurant, and we were right. The house is at least 50 years old and most of the main structures were kept with only little changes made so to preserve its original design.

The wooden floor panels are still the original, and so are the window frames. Portions of the walls were replaced by sliding glass doors to allow more natural light to enter the space. Tables and chairs were custom made to match the vintage feel of the interiors.

Interior pieces of both modern and native designs are used to adorn the walls to give the restaurant a classic yet modern Filipino look. The area is well-lit and air-conditioned offering a cozy and relaxing ambiance for the guests.

The main dining area at the ground floor can accommodate smaller groups of two to six persons, while the long tables on the second floor can seat bigger groups of friends and families. The two rooms on the second can also be booked for private functions or small parties.

Many would think that serving Filpino food is a safe choice for a restaurant. It is in fact more challenging because every Filipino is considered an expert on Filipino food, and these experts almost always have difference in opinion. In Filipino food, it is easy to make a mistake, and Filipino guests can easily identify that mistake. Here at Limbaga 77, they take extra care in their cooking so that dishes that come out of their kitchen are consistently delectable, and would pass the discerning taste buds of its guests.

Limbaga 77 Salad
During a weekend staycation in Quezon City, we had the opportunity to try-out this new restaurant which is fast gaining popularity in the area. For starters, we had the Limbaga 77 Salad (P377.00). It had romaine lettuce, jicama strips, red onion, ripe mango, caramelized banana, shrimps, kesong puti, cashew nuts and bagoong dressing. It was a refreshing salad with hints of sweetness from the mangoes and caramelized banana, saltiness from the kesong puti and the bagoong dressing, aroma and flavor from the red onions and shrimps, and crunchiness from the cashew nuts. This serving of salad is big enough for at least three persons.

Danggit Rice (left) and Bagoong Rice (right)
The restaurant also had us try their two specialty fried rice and pair them with some of their best-selling dishes. The Danggit Rice (P97.00) had a light fish flavor that didn't overpower the flavor of the dishes paired with it. It is topped with bits of danggit, scrambled egg, scallions and tomatoes. Similarly, the Bagoong Rice (P97.00) also has a light fish paste flavor, and then topped with sliced green mangoes and white onions.

Baked Lechon with Mashed Sweet Potato
The first main dish served on our table was the Baked Lechon with Mashed Sweet Potato (P677.00). This oven-baked pork belly has the tender and juicy meat and crispy pork skin that we Filipinos love. The flavors however are very much influenced by both Spanish and Filipino cuisine with the use of aromatics such as garlic, oregano, shallots, lemongrass, lemon zest, and black pepper. Binding all the flavors is a generous amount of gravy poured over the dish.

Limbaga 77 Kare-Kare
Another best-seller we tried that day was the Limbaga 77 Kare-Kare (P577.00). Edgar and I loved the thick kare-kare sauce rich in peanut flavor, with a thin layer of reddish-yellow oil on the surface. It had a generous serving of beef shanks, ox tripe and tail. The blanched vegetables were crunchy and tasted sweet and fresh. Their homemade bagoong was perfectly sauteed removing the strong shrimp paste taste and had a light sweetness and saltiness that added more flavor to the kare-kare.

Blended Drinks
To wash down all the savory goodness of the dishes we had for lunch, we were served with three of their blended drinks. We had the Pastillas de Leche (P177.00) a creamy smoothie mixed with eggnog and topped with bits of cream cheese. Another one was the Minty Mango Watermelon (P177.00) a sweet and refreshing fruit drink with hints of mint. The Lychee Grapes Shake (P177.00) is a simple blend of the fruits with flavors that perfectly complemented each other.

Brazo de Tablea
Finally for dessert, we had the Brazo de Tablea (P277.00) created by Pino exclusively for Limbaga 77 is definitely a dessert like no other. It's like a pastry, a cake and a custard combined in one. The outer layer has a firm texture that holds the shape of the dessert. The inside is moist and at the center is a rich custard made of pure tablea. No visit at Limbaga 77 is definitely complete without this dessert!

Do check-out their menu for other interesting dishes to try at Limbaga 77. We are particularly interested in their Sinigang na Salmon, Galunggong Nuggets, Beef Salpicao, Dahon ng Sili Pesto Pasta, Kaldereta, Four Flavored Wings, and Stuffed Laing.

Overall, we enjoyed our Filipino dining experience a Limbaga 77. We will definitely be back to try other dishes, perhaps with our friends or family.

Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant
No. 77 Scout Limbaga Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Contact Number: 0926-7158134

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