NEW Restaurant in Baguio: 2600 Gastropub

2600 Gastropub is a newly opened pub in Baguio City offering a wide selection of premium drinks such as beers, liquors, wines and cocktails and paired with gourmet style food served in a casual dining setting. It opened in late April 2015 along Gen. Luna Road and the first and only gastropub in Baguio City.

The pub got its name from 2600, the ZIP code of Baguio City. The place has a nice spacious interior with excellent layout. They have long tables intended for big groups of barkada . More than just a drinking place, 2600 Gastropub caters to the ever evolving, sophisticated taste of the locals for food who demand for upscale dishes at a relatively affordable price.

During our recent trip to Baguio, we got the chance to meet the cool, creative and innovative minds behind 2600 Gastropub. Barely a month in operation, the pub is steadily growing its popularity in Baguio City, thanks to the creative culinary creations by Chef Miko Dy. Of course, our visit won't be complete without sampling some of their specialties and best-sellers.

2600 Pork Strip
We started off with a dish newly added to their menu, the 2600 Pork Strip. They shared to us that a special cut of pork is used in this dish, it is so special that you cannot find this cut anywhere but in an undisclosed butcher shop. What's special about this cut is that no matter how you cook this pork, it remains tender and juicy. This particular dish is grilled and placed on a bed of mashed potato and then topped with chimichuri. The meat was indeed very tender and the chimichuri brings out the savory flavor of the pork.

Grilled American Ribs
A fast becoming best-seller is the Grilled American Ribs (P160.00). The pork ribs were cooked and grilled with 2600's homemade barbeque sauce. The meat were remarkably tender and the sauce was dark, thick and bold in flavors. It is served with grilled corn, apple slaw and a choice of potato and rice. And for its price, it's really a steal!

4x4 Pizza
Another favorite of the locals is the 4x4 Pizza (P320.00). Why is it called that way? It has FOUR types of cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese and parmesan) and topped with FOUR types of longganisas (Vigan longganisa, longganisa hamonado, Alaminos longganisa and the garlicky Baguio longganisa). The ingredients say it all, you gotta try this one!

Tequila Crispy Porklets
An innovative creation of Chef Miko Dy is the Tequila Crispy Porklets (6 pcs at P150.00). Freshly made tortillas are topped with pork and vegetables in a sauce infused with Tequila. In simple terms, it's similar to a small soft taco topped with sisig-ish mixture of pork and vegetables in a sauce so divine you can't stop munching on them! A little squeeze of lemon will bring our all the heavenly flavors. A must try indeed!

2600 House-blend Iced Tea
We tried two beverages. First was their 2600 House-blend Iced Tea which goes well with any dish they serve. It had a bold tea flavor with a refreshing citrus taste. But we gotta rave about their 2600 Beer! I am not a beer drinker but this one got me finish a mug effortlessly. It is specially formulated beer mix by 2600 which I personally characterize as beer with a caramel popcorn aftertaste? Sounds weird, well you gotta try it yourself!

2600 Beer
Overall, we really had a great time here at 2600 Gastropub. Great place, great food, great drinks, great music all in one place. It's also located within the town center and is very accessible. This instantly became a favorite dining place of ours in Baguio City. We will surely be back to try other items on their menu. Congratulations to the owners of 2600 Gastropub for a successful opening of the very first gastropub in Baguio. Congratulations Chef Miko Dy for your very well executed dishes.

2600 Gastropub
86 Upper General Luna Road, 2600 Baguio City
Contact Number: 09175987982
Instagram: @2600Gastropub #2600Gastropub

How to get there: Take a cab and tell the driver to bring you to Casa Generosa Hotel along General Luna Road. 2600 Gastropub is located at the groundfloor of Casa Generosa Hotel, right next to Rose Bowl Restaurant. If you are familiar with 50's Diner along Leonard Wood Road, 2600 Gastropub is just a short walk away. Enjoy!

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