Abra Miki


Abra Miki

Abra Miki is a Filipino noodle soup dish originating from the province of Abra. It is made of thick egg noodles cooked in a rich pork broth colored with annatto seeds (atsuete). To make it extra special, Abra Miki may be served with hard-boiled egg, shredded pork meat, and bits of chicharon. It also comes with chopped scallion and vinegar with bird's eye chili on the side.

If you are visiting Bangued, Abra, you can find a number of panciterias (mikihan) selling Abra Miki. Some of the most popular ones are Acosta Panciteria, Aspacio Panciteria, Kris Anne's Panciteria, and Triple R Panciteria. You can also find mikihan in the towns of Pidigan and Tayum.

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